VanityBA: “Cola Less” Defies Age, Gravity On Argentine Coast

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Cola Less Argentina

On Argentine beaches, 40 and 50-somethings picked up Reef’s snuffed torch of libido and liberation.

When we published InvestBA’s Most Read Stories of 2012, we had to clarify these were the real estate posts our readers know and love. Although not technically a property story, last summer’s Cola Reef makeover did cover up some real estate that was previously showcased in summers past.

Now comes word from the Argentine coast that forty and fifty-something females are picking up Reef’s snuffed torch of libido and liberation by going cola less this summer. On assignment in Mar del Plata, Clari­n’s Victoria De Masi trumpets what she labels the “Summer Boom. In Playa Grande, many mothers are sporting a ‘cola less’ bikini.”

“Fluorescent, animal prints, with ruffles, tied with strips of fabric, sporty, black and gold, it doesn’t matter the style, in Mar del Plata the ‘cola less’ is the domain of adolescents as well as mature women. You even see ‘cola less’ on women in their 50’s. In other times it was reserved for privileged figures, but now the masses wear them without a wrap wiggling their hips from one cliff to another.”

“Why not wear one?” says Mari­a, a 42-year old mother of three from Buenos Aires. “Look, here’s the cesarean scar from my oldest. I still have the stretch marks from my second child. And the sagging is from the pregnancies of all three. But I feel confident and beautiful in my ‘cola less.'” (Full Story in Spanish)

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