La Martina: The Fantasy Camp for Polo Lovers in Buenos Aires

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With last Sunday’s final in Palermo, thecurtain fell on the 2010 Triple Crown, but the polo season lives year-round at one of the oldest and most beautiful estancias in Argentina.

La Martina is only 30 miles from downtown Buenos Aires, but once you enter the gates of the sprawling 500-acre estancia, you feel as if you are entering another century.

La Martina Polo Ranch was formed in 1982, establishing itself as the first equestrian polo school in Argentina dedicated to teaching the sport in a comprehensive way. For two decades, the business has flourished under the direction of Marcial Socas, a visionary who saw the opportunity to promote equestrian polo as both a lifestyle and a business.

Socas, the son of Martina de Estrada (La Martina) and Salvador Carlos Socas, has three brothers: Salvador Tomas Socas (the eldest), Camila Cambiaso and Adolfo Cambiaso (from the second marriage of Martina and Adolfo Cambiaso).

As eight La Martina guests from Australia were playing their afternoon match yesterday in the late day sun, the always-smiling, affable Socas says the group is a good representation of the typical La Martina client profile: international, well traveled, beginner to intermediate level of polo playing experience and a desire to play the game in the country where the world’s best players are born.

Socas says children often begin playing polo at 5 or 6 in Argentina, so it’s no wonder the country continues to be the breeding ground for cracks. And if you’re an aspiring crack, you just need to come to La Martina.

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