Neighbors and Nightlife Peacefully Coexist in Punta del Diablo

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A new zoning plan moved the largest Punta del Diablo nightclubs to the outskirts of town.

A new zoning plan moved the largest Punta del Diablo nightclubs to the outskirts of town.

It’s the coolest beach in Uruguay, so locals are accustomed to the annual influx of twentysomething sunseekers and clubhoppers.

But as the crowds have grown larger with each passing summer, so too have the decibels from the beachside boliches. Fortunately a new zoning plan has both Punta del Diablo locals and summer visitors moving at their preferred paces and beats per minute.

Punta del Diablo rearranged the house. This summer, the city designated a special zone for the boliches which is located near the entrance to the resort. Yes, they are near some houses, but they are far away from the areas of Punta del Diablo where the majority of visitors stay.” writes Andres Roizen for El Pai­s.

Considering that three Punta del Diablo nightclubs can accommodate crowds up to 8,000, moving those crowds further away from the residential areas was a priority for year-round residents. As these clubs are closed for ten months of the year and reinvent themselves every summer, this year’s rebirth also meant relocation.

The oldest and most established club, Bitacora, is now located the farthest from the center of Punta del Diablo, while 2013 newcomer El Club is also far removed from the primary residential areas. Smaller Montevideo clubs like Primata and Barzon have central beach locations along the Avenida de los Pescadores, but Roizen says patrons now migrate to the big boliches on the outskirts of town when the owners start turning down the music at 3:00. (Full Story in Spanish)

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