NYTimes: Bargains In Buenos Aires, Where Luxury Costs Less

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Travel writer Michelle Higgins gives New York Times readers a sweeping vista of the myriad bargains awaiting adventure seekers throughout Latin America. (Full Story)

Buenos Aires gets extra ink and eye candy considering the sharp price reductions on lodging and dining in the wake of the flu scare earlier this year. Cold and flu season is over in BA, but the bargains remain.

Meals are often half the cost of their European counterparts,” Higgins writes, “hotels are generally more luxurious than what you would get for the same money in the States, and spa treatments and other private services are so affordable you feel good about splurging.”

And while the dollar may be taking it on the chin vis-a -vis the euro, the dollar is faring about 20% better versus the Argentine peso than one year ago. For those contemplating a longer-term stay, Buenos Aires and Montevideo, a market NuWire Investor recently described as “first world luxury with third world prices” are two of the most livable cities in South America.

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