Why Punta del Diablo Is Now Uruguay’s Coolest Beach Destination

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Spurred by an eclectic expat community, property values in Punta del Diablo have risen 450% in the past 5 years.

 Punta del Diablo is emerging as a popular destination for well-rounded international travelersThis beautiful Rocha beach has a vibe as laid-back and eclectic as the brightly painted homes and boutique hostels dotting her gently sloping landscape.

Only a few kilometers from Brazil’s southern border, it seems fitting that Punta del Diablo lies at one end of Uruguay’s east coast while Punta del Este lies at the opposite end. The garish condos, shopping centers and silicone that define Punta del Este are replaced in Punta del Diablo by virgin dunes, swaying hammocks and unpaved streets.

Punta del Diablo’s hip factor is validated every January when clubs like Bitacora and Pogo with capacities for up to 14,000 open on the outskirts of town attracting sun-seeking Argentines, Brazilians and international DJs. And once the January sets are over, Diablo’s burgeoning North American and European expat community takes center stage.

Punta del Diablo’s expat community are workaday folk looking for a tolerant, secure, tranquil lifestyle, often motivated by the town’s relative affordability and possibility of earning a seasonal rental income. Their presence is now felt year-round, and their collective impact on local land values (up 450% in the past five years) is unprecedented along the eastern coast of Uruguay.

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