Route 10: Flexible, Floating Bridge Will Connect Uruguay Coastline

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It has been exactly one year since our last update on “the missing link” to span the Garzon Lake and connect the coastlines of Maldonado and Rocha in Uruguay.

Although the vital project has already won the support and approval of government officials, pockets of opposition to a fixed-span bridge sent architects back to the drawing board.

After months of anticipation, a creative solution was unveiled this week: a flexible, floating span that could completely change its shape and water view orientations depending on the season for crossing cars and pedestrians alike.

Architect Rafael Vinoly envisions linking the two coasts with a series of 22 slightly-curved bridge sections floating on aluminum and fiberglass pontoons. The LEGO-like connectivity would allow operators to change the bridge layout with each passing season.

And if the nearby La Barra bridge is any indication, a flexible bridge will serve as a magnet for tourists and sightseers curious to see the Garzon span’s latest incarnation. Summer could be the two lane, S-curve, autumn might mean a giant doughnut, while winter could bring a horseshoe formation offering views of both the lake and coastline.

According to El Observador, the bridge will cost approximately US$3.8 million and can be up and running floating in 8 months…just in time for a summer S-curve. (Full Story in Spanish)

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