New Video Cameras Make Montevideo Safer For Toursits

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Security Cameras in Montevideo

Gran Hermano: The new Ciudad Vieja surveillance area will expand to 400 cameras by March.

The Ciudad Vieja, Montevideo’s downtown historic district is full of beautiful plazas, classic architecture and tourist favorites like the Mercado del Puerto and the Teatro Solis. Unfortunately, it’s also become a magnet for pickpockets looking to take advantage of the thousands of tourists who arrive daily at the Port of Montevideo.

Now the City of Montevideo is taking a high-tech page out of the crime prevention playbook of major metros like New York, London and Buenos Aires. 300 Montevideo security cameras are now operational throughout the CV, and the network will extend to 400 cameras blanketing Downtown, 18 de Julio and the Rambla by March, according to El Observador.

The camera surveillance system in Puerto Madero was the model for Montevideo where beat officers will now report incidents using digital tablets and transmit the information back to the precinct in real-time via WiFi. Citizens and tourists can also register complaints via cell phone or any Internet-enabled device which should accelerate response times.

The Ciudad Vieja is one of the most popular cultural destinations for tourists visiting Montevideo, and it is the first stop on the popular Montevideo Tourist Bus circuit. (Full Story in Spanish)

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