Argentina Polo & The Attack Of The Clones

Adolfo Cambiaso cloning of polo ponies

Cambiaso at Hurlingham: Fans may start seeing double when the Triple Corona gets underway this year.

It may sound like a summer blockbuster or a bad sequel, but it’s actually the debate being generated by the creeping acceptance of cloning in the sport of kings.

The fact that one of Argentina’s greatest players has now partnered with a U.S. laboratory to create exact genetic duplicates of his prized ponies has only ratcheted up the debate.

Guillermo Buchanan, the president of the veterinarian association of the Argentina Association of Horse Breeders told BBC Mundo, “There is a big internal debate. We encourage all methods of artificial reproduction and genetic enhancement, but in this case we are talking about copying an animal and now we’re figuring out how to regulate it.”

If the pro-polo-cloning camp wanted a high-profile ambassador, they got it when Adolfo Cambiaso stepped into the ring of equine genetics. Cambiaso partnered with U.S.-based Crestview Genetics which operates a breeding facility just 12 miles outside of Pilar in Buenos Aires Province.

According to the website of Ernesto Gutierrez, one of the Crestview investment partners, “Adolfo Cambiaso has 17 one-year old clones (5 in Argentina and 12 in the United States), several 3-month old specimens, and 3 recent newborns from his wonderful Lapa mare. The price for the clones will vary depending on the demand in production. The price for a clone is approximately USD $100,000, while ten specimens will cost USD $600,000.

While some full-grown genetic twins are already participating in polo matches in the U.S., BBC Mundo says the clone revolution is just beginning in Argentina. Get your popcorn ready.  (Full Story in Spanish)

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