Under Clear Skies, LAN, Aerolineas Resume Daily Flights to Bariloche Today

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The New Year is getting off to a good start for the region of Argentina that probably deserves it the most. After a dismal 2011 tourist season caused by the ash clouds from a Chilean volcano, the major carriers are all set to resume daily flights to Bariloche today.

La Nacion reports that Aerolineas, Austral and LAN will resume flights to Bariloche this morning after 220 days of suspended service. The first flight will depart at 11:00 from Aeroparque Jorge Newberry in Buenos Aires. Both LAN and Aerolineas officials confirm the decision to resume flights was based on the fact that current meteorological conditions fall well within international safety standards.

“This decision was based on an exhaustive analysis of official data from authorities as well as measurements taken by private parties which all indicate the current levels of concentration and density of the volcanic ash remaining in Bariloche are compatible with the safety policies of the company, as well as the international safety standards of the aircraft manufacturers,” said one LAN official.

Airline passengers arriving in Bariloche today will be the first to experience the terminal enhancements at the Bariloche Airport. Beginning last October, the City of Bariloche took advantage of the flight suspension and invested $US60 million to remodel the terminal and improve the runway to Category Plus 1, the highest level in Argentina. (Full Story in Spanish)

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