The Wines of Argentina Are Still Lost in Translation

Patrick Archer wine & vineyards

Wines of Argentina, the entity uniting over 200 major vineyards with the goal of promoting the Argentine wine industry in foreign countries, has unveiled a new logo and ad campaign designed to reposition the “Wines of Argentina” brand.

But rather than simply defining the value proposition of Argentine wines with a few bullet points or salient takeaways, the campaign is a self-absorbed melange of contradictory words and phrases leaving Argentina wine novices more confused than ever.

Instead of emphasizing what makes Argentine wines truly unique (e.g., price:quality ratio, amazing blends, different altitudes, dominant Malbecs, emerging Bonardas and Torrontes), the new campaign addresses dozens of unflattering contradictions and personality traits of Argentines in a three-minute YouTube video.

Not a single glass of wine appears in the entire video filled with images of Buenos Aires traffic, glaciers, soccer fans, quilts and nonsensical quotes like “We oscillate between pride and reproach, success and skepticism, love and terror.” Amid the verbal chaos, you halfway expect Derek Zoolander’s Merman to swim to the surface and declare “Malbec is the essence of moisture.”

The new campaign debuts next week at VinExpo in Bordeaux complete with new fuchsia (Yes, fuchsia) logo which 52% of MDZ Online readers apparently do not like. Whether France and the rest of the world warm to the new campaign remains to be seen, but it’s hard to imagine how something so introspective, conflicted and 100% Castellano helps sell even one bottle of wine in the hyper-competitive world of international wine sales. (Full Story in Spanish)